Hello – Easter holidays

mandag, april 21, 2014

I haven’t been blogging since last weekend! I’m sorry, but now I’m back. I’ve been doing a lot of stuff this week, since I’m off school I’ve been getting a lot more out of my days..  Well, I’ve spend most of my time in Copenhagen. I’ve been in the studio, trying to stay awake aaaall night. I used to be an all-nighter, but my inner clock must have changed itself. Actually, I’ve been to bed before 12am the whole week, besides the days(nights) I spend in the studio. Also, besides that, I’ve been to easter dinner with some of my best friends, rollerskating and chilled out in Kongens have (park in Copenhagen). 

They see us rollin’

mandag, april 14, 2014

… They hatin’ ~ lol.
I’ve been spending the whole weekend in Copenhagen. This Saturday I was out rollerskating in the city with some of my girlfriends. I was very surprised by how well I did at keeping balance and not falling on my flat ass! Haha. It has been years since I last roller-skated, so I had to borrow my brothers skates.. Also FYI if you’re interested of course, I’ve been making a lot of vines lately. For example from this Saturdays skating. Bye




Let’s talk; Hair goals!

mandag, april 14, 2014

It’s no secret that I love experimenting with looks. I have had a lot of different hairstyle the paste couple of years and I really can’t settle for just one. I’ve had a pixie cut (Rihanna style), I’ve had ombré, red hair, lighter brown hair, mid length bob, long bangs, short bangs.
I think my next move will be blond hair, and then a dark green-blue-ish color fading into the same but lighter color at the tips of my hair. My plan is to do it late summer. Oh I can already imagine my summer tan brown skin, in contrast to the blond hair or green hair…. *dreaming & drooling*
To be honest I don’t really care about my hair breaking and getting a lot of damage, because it’s just hair – I’ll just cut it short again, dye it back to black or use extensions.. No biggie. Looks is just another opportunity to be creative, express and create yourself. And you can rock anything as long as you do it with confidence!!



A lot of random facts about moi

torsdag, april 10, 2014

Well, I guess this is just a typical blogger post. This will be a lot of facts about me (wejuuhyaay – *very insecure outburst, because WOW I don’t really think it’s that interesting (not that I’m not interesting lol), but oh well – So awkward, I feel like I’m interviewing myself* – blogger thang!!!)

Do you want/have any tattoos?: I like change, so I’m very afraid that I suddenly wouldn’t like my tattoo because it’s so unchangeable lol.. But I can imagine it happening some day tho. What animal would you be?: A beautiful fierce pet cat. Sleep, eat, getting petted – take a stroll once in a while. Perfect animal life, fuck flying or breathing under water. Gold vs. Silver: Rose gold!! Favorite band, artists, producers, whatevs’: (Not in specific order) Frank Ocean, PartyNextDoor, Marina and the Diamonds, Rihanna, Beyonce, Tinashe, Shlomo, The Weeknd, Lana del Rey, Miley cyrus (do not judge!), The XX, Oh land, Kanye west, Jay-Z – bahh this might get updated lol. Dream adress: Being realistic, Just a random apartment in Copenhagen so I’m close to everything I like.. city lights, life & studio. But big dreaming (some day, please): LA or New York. Cooking: I can only cook big meals if I have a recipe. Cuteness: I ACTUALLY DO LIKE CUDDLES AND LONG WALKS! Style: It changes a bit, but as long as it’s a bit edgy. I like it practical but also details. umm I’m a very confusing person. Addicted to: My iPhone and all the apps and social medias, such as tumblr, facebook, twitter, instagram, soundcloud and youtube. Fast food (pizza is amazing, so is cheese in general). I’m also a big fan of music, if you didn’t knew that. I love: All my loved once (you don’t say…) Music, being creative in general, like drawing, taking pictures, editing, designing, creating, -lyrics, expressing. I like doing things on my own if it’s about being creative (though not with the music part). Dream: To live off being creative, making music and performing. I was: A wierd kid, I think. I am: very adventures, trying new things all the time. Sorry but I am also fabulous (so are you tho) And my mom also says that I’m special *heart* – I also love being sarcastic, and very weird and outgoing. I have:  Always had trouble being serious about expressing feelings, while communicating. I HATE TALKING FEELINGS, it’s very hard for me, but I’m getting there. I mostly lie down in my bed at night and think about it myself – If I express myself it’s through creativity (sooo cliché, sorry but true). In weekends: I like partying and hanging out with friends. But I also like to hang by myself. I’m both an introvert and extrovert. 


Smokey eyes | e.l.f

onsdag, april 9, 2014

Smokey eyes open closedI received a package from e.l.f today! And I began experimenting right away. These products were amazing for creating one of my favorite looks, the “smokey eye”.
How to: I started off with using the Baked eyeshadow in the color “Bark” as a base all over the eyelids. Then I took the Jumbo eyeshadow stick in the color “Feeling lucky” in my crease, especially in the outer inner crease of the eye. This gives a lot more dimension and makes the eyes seem more hollow. Remember to blend!! After that I used the Long-lasting Lustrous eyeshadow in the color “Festivity” as an eyeliner on my upper eyelid. And then you’re actually done with the eyes! It’s super easy (and super fierce). I only used two brushed for this, the “eyeshadow C brush” for applying and blending, and the “small smudge brush” for the eyeliner. If you want (lol of course) you can apply a bronzer. I used the Baked bronzer in the color “Bora Bora”.
E.l.f: If you don’t use or know about e.l.f, then I can definitely recommend it! It’s VERY cheap, but the eyeshadows are very pigmented! Despite the low price their products are very high quality! It’s a brand all the makeup youtubers talk about. You can check out their webshop to see their other products, and their blog for a lot of inspiration!
Next up, for make up is Coral colored lips for spring! Also using e.l.f!
You all have also requested me doing a post of my everyday makeup routine. And that’s a great idea, so I’ll do that! When I was shooting with Signe I was also styled with products from elf – but right now the products are out of stock, so I’ll do one when I’m able to order them! It will focus on my conturing and eyebrows.
Hope you all liked it!
20140409-175333.jpgSmokey eyes

Evening in Tivoli

onsdag, april 9, 2014

I do not want to share all (very) personal events on here, but I have to share this with you all. After a long day of school and studio I got surprised with a night in Tivoli by a special someone followed by a lovely dinner. It’s a long time since last time I was in Tivoli, and had almost forgotten how beautiful that place is with all the lights.  20140409-154744.jpg 20140409-154737.jpg 20140409-154751.jpg

Studio talk

onsdag, april 9, 2014

Despite my lack of sleep I had a great day in the studio yesterday. We tried getting the pieces of the puzzle together – I do not doubt that we’ll make it!!!

20140409-135723.jpg 20140409-135718.jpg

Prom | Les Lanciers 2014

søndag, april 6, 2014

I told you in my previous post that I would wear a long black dress, actually the one I wore new years eve. But my mom dragged me to Copenhagen to find a new one, in literally last minute, ON MY PROM DAY. But luckily I found one! The night was so much fun. Walking around the school, everybody in beautiful gowns, wine, food and just celebrating with my classmates. Les Lanciers though.. Haha, I think everybody got a little drunk. Not that it got all fucked up, but I sure did made some mistakes! In all everything was so much fun – and I had a great night. collage galla1488803_499220083512344_4523701076488818257_n1557690_499219853512367_651500387519823215_n

Xander’s Birthday & Release Pary | Molly

lørdag, april 5, 2014

I had a great night last night at Molly nightclub, celebrating Xander’s Birthday and release for his new single “Dag og Nat”. It was nice having the whole family (Simon says management) together again! It was a wonderful friday night with good music, good people, good suschi and lots of drinks and laughing gas…
- Now I’m off to prom! Here’s some pictures to illustrate an amazing night.

20140405-163023.jpg 20140405-162956.jpg 20140405-163015.jpg 20140405-162946.jpgcollage2collage

Let it be friday

torsdag, april 3, 2014

I’ve been feeling a little ill the last few days but luckily I’m feeling a lot better! Maybe it’s because the weekend is near! I’m super excited for the Les Lanciers rehearsal, Xander’s birthday and release party, then prom on saturday!