mandag, juni 2, 2014

This saturday I was out celebrating Hennedub whose not only my producer, but one of my best friends. He was turning 20, so we were out having a lot of fun. First drinks at Fugu and then partying at Sunday Club. A lot of fun!10363778_521284351305917_1855354041730686478_n 10169381_521264084641277_96152236489744970_n

Three exams done, three exams left

onsdag, maj 28, 2014

Some days ago I received my student cap, luckily there wasn’t any huge mistakes made on it. It was just half a size to big, but it can quick be fixed with some kind of band. A lot of schools received their hats with lots of mistakes but  I was lucky and satisfied. And now I just got to take down three more exams and that hat is planted on my head! Gosh I have been waiting for that moment for too long! And it’s almost time! I’m so excited.Skærmbillede 2014-05-28 kl. 14.29.09

May wishes 2014

tirsdag, maj 13, 2014

I wish for cool bomber jackets, a nice bucket hat, some new sneakers, white platform sandals, cute midi rings and a new pair of light blue denim shorts… Pls appear in my closet! *dreaming*


Justin Timberlake concert

torsdag, maj 8, 2014

So this Tuesday I went to the Justin Timberlake concert at Parken with my three best friends. And wow, it was such a great experience. I left very excited and inspired. The whole stage setup/show, his voice, his moves was WOW! When he performed with all his old and very well known songs I got quite a nostalgic feeling in my whole body. It’s weird to think that one I’ve looked up to and only seen on TV suddenly stood “so close” to me.20140508-160341.jpg20140508-160346.jpg20140508-160352.jpg

Nothing better

tirsdag, april 29, 2014

Honestly.. There’s nothing better than the feeling after a long hot shower and put on your robe. When I really want to feel good and spoil myself I take the whole routine with shaving legs, plucking my brows and moisture my whole body and face. Ahh! I finally had the time to do all that last night, and I slept like a clean baby!

20140429-192928.jpgThat’s me with a bare face. But with filled eyebrows though!


Ohhh Rihanna | Cover of Lui

tirsdag, april 29, 2014

I’m a big fan of Rihanna and her style, and she can’t stop surprising me with her fierceness. She looks like a goddess in the photo series of the latest issue of Vogue Brazil, where she rocked the topless look, though without any nipple action. Only sophisticated and exotic jewelry’s, skirts and shorts. Well you can’t say the same this time about her newest front cover of the french fashion magazine Lui. There’s a lot a nipple action, and she still manage to look fierce only wearing a sunhat, bodychain and a bikini bottom. She also just posted some of the photos of her inside the magazine on her Instagram. And as she writes in her captions of the photos the only rule was “TAN LINES”. HAWT!!!
rihanna cover

On the run tour

mandag, april 28, 2014

I am screeeaming! The hottest power couple in the music industry is touring together. Queen B and Jay-Z! They’re drunk in love and ready to rock the shit out of 20 stadiums in the US. Fingeres crossed that they’ll visit europe too. Or just Denmark, that’ll be ok with me.
Just Imagine……. them….. performing…………. Upgrade U…… Crazy in love…. wow (sorry for fangirling that much)

Spring needs: Denim

søndag, april 27, 2014

I am craving more denim in my closet – and it’s a big hit this spring! I would love to have all different sorts of denim. The outworn denim, the acid washed denim, river washed denim, plain denim in dark blue, mid blue and light! I could go on! Here’s a collage of how I would wear my denim. Oh, and an example of how NOT TO wear denim. A flashback of back when Birtney and Justin, the it-couple, turned up on the red carpet only wearing denim. Seriously, was it really fashionable back then?     denimjustin-timberlake-07